Quick look at some of the components

4 sizes with either pic, initials, or a profile icon
Three sizes, multiple variations
Responsive, easy to customize with multiple variations
Color, Transparency, Outline
Ready-to-go color presets, tints, matching outlines, and transparency
Component States
Predefined states such for buttons as well as background layers for notifications such as banners, alerts, chips, badges and more
Chips & Badges
Multiple responsive variations for a speedy design
Easily add depth to any component
Layouts & Spacing
Suitable for desktop, table, mobile, and Apple watch
Over 200 essential icons
Multiple responsive, customizable designs for alerts, snackbars, toasts, and banners
Popovers & Tooltips
Covers any angle and offers different variation of text
Progress indicators
Eight different types
9 typography sets in 5 neutrals and 4 support colors

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✅Use on any project you like
✅Compliant with WCAG 2.0 AA Standards

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